Supporting Families Who Have Experienced Pregnancy Loss


We shine a light on the mental health impacts that follow a pregnancy loss and the long-term effect on the family.


We engage in meaningful conversations in local communities, and work in partnership with other organizations to build awareness.


We encourage community engagement, involvement and participation to strengthen the well-being of the community.


We also empower and support families affected by this very personal tragedy through advocacy.

We provide free online learning resource and educational support during what can be a very physically and emotionally difficult experience.


We want to help families embrace hope as they do the hard work of grieving in the  aftermath of pregnancy loss.

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raising awareness through advocacy

Losing a baby during pregnancy remains a taboo subject throughout the world. Many families are still in need of proper and respectful care after experiencing pregnancy loss.

Pregnancy loss awareness is an important part of improving mental health care as well as the human rights of those affected  by it. 


Advocacy plays a crucial role in helping those seeking an opportunity to have their voice heard and have their say in the crucial decisions that directly affect them.

Our advocacy is not limited to government and political representatives learning about the critical issues affecting the lives of those affected by pregnancy loss, it empowers people to understand what they need and express their thoughts.

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spread the word, speak out and take action





We are dedicated to raising awareness through advocacy and encourage the culture of communication in pregnancy loss through our online learning resources and educational support. 

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Coping with grief

Each family’s experience is very individual, and their circumstances are different, but the death of a baby is a very distressing experience and one that is generally unexpected. Losing a baby brings grief that is much deeper than you may have ever experienced before and can last much longer than most people expect. There is no time limit to grief, so take it one day at a time.

the power of intuition and self-awareness